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One person company

Register your business with India's leading consultancy firm. Register your business starting at INR 999 only.CharteredMunshi's price for OPC registration is is INR 7999* including GST.

What's for you


  • DSC and DIN

  • AOA and MOA

  • Government fees included

  • Incorporation certificate

  • PAN and TAN

  • PF and ESI registration

  • Dedicated manager for solving business queries

Documents required from members

  • Minimum 1 member and one Nominee 

  • Company Name

  • Aadhar & PAN card.

  • Office Address Proof

  • Photo ID proof

  • Latest bank statement

  • Passport size photo

  • Email and phone number

Documents required for registered office address

  • Electricity bill/Gas bill/mobile bill

  • NOC from the landlord if premises is rented.

Easily Register A OPC

The company's act 2013 provides for incorporation of a new type of entity called one person company (OPC) which would encourage the promotion of individual businessman and micro businesses. OPC is one shareholder corporate entity where liability is limited to the company only. The shareholder of such OPC should be an Indian citizen.

Online OPC registration in India

What Is Meant By OPC Or Why Is OPC Needed?

The concept of One Person Company is quite revolutionary. It gives the individual entrepreneurs all the benefits of a company, which means they will get credit, bank loans, access to the market, limited liability, and legal protection available to companies by acquiring the legal status and perpetuity.

Before the Companies Act, 2013 came into effect, at least two shareholders were required to start a company. But now the concept of One Person Company would provide tremendous opportunities for small businessmen and traders, including those working in areas like handloom, handicrafts, and pottery. Earlier they were working as artisans and weavers on their own, so they did not have a legal entity of a company. But now an OPC form of organization would help them do business as an enterprise and allow them to start their ventures with a formal business structure.

The shareholder of OPC will appoint a nominee in an OPC, who will become a member of such OPC in case of death or incapacity of the original shareholder. The details of such nominees have to be provided while incorporating an OPC.

One Person Company VS Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)

The formation of One Person Company (OPC) has recently been established in India to support business enterprises owned and controlled by a sole Entrepreneur. Corporations, such as Private Limited Company, allow a minimum of two or more individuals to become partners.

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Incorporating An OPC?

  • A minimum of one shareholder is required who will be the director of OPC as well.

  • A nominee is required who will act as a shareholder of such OPC in case of death or incapacity of the original shareholder.

  • Only Indian citizens can become a member or nominees in the case of OPC.

  • A person cannot be a shareholder or nominee in more than one OPC at any given point in time.

  • An OPC cannot be converted into a section 8 company.

  • OPC cannot carry out any non-banking financial activities including investment in securities in any of the body corporates.

  • The words ‘One person company’ shall be mentioned in brackets below the name of such company.

What Are The Advantages Of OPC Over Private Limited?

    A single person can incorporate an OPC without involving any other person for incorporation. This is the biggest advantage of OPC.

  • Better Decision Making -
    As there is a single shareholder in OPC, there is no need to take approval from other shareholders for taking any company related decisions.

    Financial assistance can be taken by a shareholder of such OPC from OPC for subscribing to its shares.

    The annual returns need not be signed by a company secretary in practice they can be signed by a director of an OPC.

    An OPC is not required to hold an Annual general meeting.

  • There are many other benefits of incorporating an OPC which we can happily discuss @

What Are The Documents Required For Registering An OPC?

INDIAN Nationals​

  • Aadhar card is a necessary document needed for creating a digital signature of proposed directors.

  • PAN card of directors is mandatorily required for incorporation of the company, details in PAN card should be correct, there should be no mismatch in name of Aadhaar card and PAN card. if there is such an error it would be advisable to first apply for rectification in PAN details or Aadhaar card.

    Identity proof 
    The address proof that has to be submitted should contain the exact name as mentioned in the PAN card. Following documents are accepted as address proof. Any one of the documents required:


  • Election card or voter id card.

  • Ration card.

  • Passport.

  • Driving license.

    Residential proof 
    Along with identity proof, a residential proof of the current address of the directors needs to be submitted. Following documents are acceptable as residential proof. Same should not be older than 2 months. Any one of the documents required.


  • Bank statement containing recent transactions along with a clear display of the applicant's name and address.

  • Electricity bill.

  • Telephone bill.

  • Mobile bill.

  • Passport size photo

  • Email id

  • Mobile number

FOREIGN Nationals 

  • Passport

  • A Passport is a mandatory document required in the case of foreigners. It should be apostilled or notarized in the country it was issued. If a passport is in a foreign language other than English it should be converted to English by an official translator and it will be apostilled or notarized. It must contain the date of birth of the applicant else a separate document stating the date of birth will be required in the notarized or apostilled form.

  • Identity proof

  • Identity proof acceptable should not be more than 1 year old and should have the latest address of the foreign director. Following is a list of acceptable documents.

  • Driving license.

  • Residence card.

  • Bank statement.

  • A government-issued form of identity card.

  • Residence proof

  • Residence proof should not be older than 1 year. Residence proof can be given from the following list

  • Bank statement.

  • Electricity bill

  • Telephone bill

  • Mobile bill

Registered office address proof

  • Electricity /Water/ Mobile bill

  • Rent agreement(If rented) or Scanned copy of initial pages of property papers if the premises is owned.

  • NOC from landlord if the premises is rented.

Why CharteredMunshi ?

We value all our customers and attempt to offer our services as though they were our 'first client'. We ensure that the process is fast and smooth. Unlike others, we do not outsource our work and offer in house services coming through our specialists who are experts in their respective fields. We will assign you a dedicated manager who will support you from the start to end of the process and address any queries that you might have.

With every service we provide 

  • Free consultation and meetings for the understanding scope of work.

  • Updates on various regulations and compliances.

  • Assisting in opening a current account.

  • A dedicated manager for clearing your doubts.

What you will get after registration?

Our prices include-

  • Two class-3 Digital signatures(Signing).

  • Two Director identification numbers.

  • Incorporation certificate.

  • One RUN approval(Name approval).

  • Incorporation fees and stamp duty.

  • PF registration.

  • ESI registration.

  • PAN and Tan

  • Professional tax(Maharashtra)

  • Memorandum of association.

  • Articles of association

  • How can I register a private limited company?
    A private limited company can be registered from any place including residential premises. You just need proper proof to show it as the registered office of the company. However, GST registration from residential places is prohibited under law.
  • Is GST mandatory for private limited?
    As on 11.01.2021, GST is not mandatory for private limited company.
  • How much does it cost to incorporate a private limited company?
    CharteredMunshi offers incorporation of the private limited company at affordable prices.Please contact 8929280220 for more details.
  • What is the minimum capital required for a private limited company?
    There is no minimum requirement for capital for a private limited company.
  • What is the maximum number of members a private limited company can have?
    There is a ceiling of 200 members in case of a private limited company.
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