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Get Section 80G And 12AA registration online

What's for you


  • 80G certificate

  • 12A certificate

Documents required from members

  • Registration Certificate and Memorandum of Association (MOA) in case of a Section 8 Company and Trust Deed in case of a Trust.

  • A “No objection” certificate of the property owner where the Registered office of the organization is located.

  • Copy of Form 10G.

  • A copy of the NGO’s PAN.

  • Copy of Utility Bills (Electricity Bills/ Water Bill, etc.)

  • List of the Donors along with their PAN IDs and Addresses.

  • A Detailed Document Listing Board of Trustees.

  • Past 3 years report in detail of all the charitable activities and progress report.

  • Documents related to Income Tax Returns and the organization’s books of account for the past 3 years.

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80g and 12A registration 

Section 80G of the Income Tax Act states the exemption that can be availed by making a contribution towards various relief funds and charitable institutions which can be claimed as a deduction while filing ITR. The donor can avail of the 50% tax exemption after making donations to the NGOs (the amount is to be deducted from their Gross Total Income).

Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act lays the grant to trusts, NGOs, or section 8 companies the facility of availing tax exemption. It further allows the entity to avail various government and government agency's permits of financial support.

Online 80G and 12A registration in India

Advantages Of Section 80G 

  • Tax Exemption Benefit –

    The donor gets eligible to avail the deduction from the taxable earning once registering NGOs under Section 80G.

  • Urge of Making Donation –

    When the donor gets the exemption in tax on his gross income, the urge to donate to trusts, NGOs, charities, etc. increases resulting in the growth of such organizations.

  • Increases credibility of NGO -

    Credibility of NGOs in the eyes of society increases once registered under Section 80G. The donors found their funds safe when they contribute to such NGOs.

Advantages Of Section 12AA

  • Some points to remember -

  • Exemption of Income –

  • The final Income will be exempted from the taxes after successful registration under Section 12AA.

  • Ease in obtaining funds in the future –

  • The government obtains a list of registered trusts, welfare organizations, NGOs, and charities that are registered under section 12AA. Thus, procuring funds from the government bodies would be easy for them.

  • Income gathering -

  • Once registered under 12AA, the concerned entity/ individual can avail the benefit of income accumulation which does not exceed the mark of 15% for charitable/ religious purposes.

  • NGOs already registered under section 12AA will have to re-apply for renewal 6-months before its expiry period.

  • NGOs with provisional registration have to reapply for Final registrstion either -

    • 6-months after starting the entity's operations and activities; or

    • 6-months before the expiry of the provisional registration Whichever is earlier.

Documents Required For Section 12AA Registration

  • A copy of the PAN Card of the NGO

  • NGO’s Certificate of Incorporation.

  • Memorandum of Association or Trust Deed in case of a trust; Article of Association in case of a Section 8 Company.

  • A Detailed list of the past 3 years’ charitable activities of the organization.

  • Financial statements of the past 3 years of the NGO.

  • A duly filled-in form 10A.

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  • How can I register a private limited company?
    A private limited company can be registered from any place including residential premises. You just need proper proof to show it as the registered office of the company. However, GST registration from residential places is prohibited under law.
  • Is GST mandatory for private limited?
    As on 11.01.2021, GST is not mandatory for private limited company.
  • How much does it cost to incorporate a private limited company?
    CharteredMunshi offers incorporation of the private limited company at affordable prices.Please contact 8929280220 for more details.
  • What is the minimum capital required for a private limited company?
    There is no minimum requirement for capital for a private limited company.
  • What is the maximum number of members a private limited company can have?
    There is a ceiling of 200 members in case of a private limited company.
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