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Add/remove director 

Manageyour  your business with India's leading consultancy firm.

A company's director is a living person who manages the entire business affairs and is elected by the shareholders of the company. Chartered Mushi offers you an easy process of filing appointment of director.

The person elected as a director must possess a digital signature and director identification number (DIN).

Who Is A Director?

  • A Company is an artificial person in the eyes of law and has no physical existence. So, a company needs some human agency to work for it. The persons or humans who are in charge of the management of the company are called directors. They are collectively called the Board or Board of directors. Directors are the brain and heart of a company and they occupy topmost position in a company.

What Is The Process Of Adding A Director To A Limited Company?

  • Prepare DSC of the proposed director.

  • Prepare DIN of proposed director by filing form DIR-3 attaching

    • Pan card,

    • Photograph,

    • Proof of identity,

    • Proof of residence,

    • Board resolution proposing him as a director in the company,

    • Specimen signature.

If MCA is satisfied with the documents it will approve the addition of director within 2-3 days.

Director removal

  • A company by passing ordinary resolution can remove its director before expiry of his period of office after giving him the opportunity of being heard. However, an independent director can be removed only after passing a special resolution.

Procedure For Removal Of A Director In Private Limited Company

  • A special notice is required by a shareholder of the company proposing the removal of the director of the company.

  • We need to send such notice to the proposed director.

  • A board resolution must be passed for calling a general meeting.

  • Issue notice of the general meeting in writing at least twenty-one clear days before the date of the meeting informing about the special notice and proposing the ordinary resolution for removal.

  • In the general meeting, an ordinary resolution needs to be passed proposing the removal of the director.

  • The company needs to file DIR-12 with the registrar of companies within 30 days of the removal of director and pay the requisite fees
    Following documents need to be attached with Form DIR-12.

    • Notice of resignation.

    • Evidence of cessation.

    • Interest in other entities.

Why CharteredMunshi ?

We value all our customers and attempt to offer our services as though they were our 'first client'. We ensure that the process is fast and smooth. Unlike others, we do not outsource our work and offer in house services coming through our specialists who are experts in their respective fields. We will assign you a dedicated manager who will support you from the start to end of the process and address any queries that you might have.

With every service we provide 

  • Free consultation and meetings for the understanding scope of work.

  • Updates on various regulations and compliances.

  • Assisting in opening a current account.

  • A dedicated manager for clearing your doubts.

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